New year – a new contract


Anna Makieła-Zoń
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After the Christmas meeting with the Management Board, we knew that the prospects for 2021 were very good, and the assumptions will guarantee a lot of work. Meanwhile, the New Year has already brought its first success.

On January 19, we signed contract with the Social Insurance Institution.

It’s not our first contract with ZUS, but signing this one was important for us for many reasons. The satisfaction is even greater due to the fact that client’s requirements were not easy to fulfil. Believe me, the moment when we opened the document entitled “Information about the choice” was quite an experience for us. Probably every person involved in this project held their breath for a moment 🙂

Today we can calmly say “we have it!”

What is the contract about? Subscription and support for the Liferay portal. The contact’s length is 48 months and we will make Liferay software migration to version 7.x. A great challenge lies ahead. A few meetings are behind us, the works are split, the team is complete.

And we will quietly tell you that this is not all … We will contact you again soon 😉

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