Anna Makieła-Zoń
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Just before the end of 2020, we can boast of another success. We admit that we are doing it with a delay of several weeks, but we are going through a truly crazy time that is a great challenge for us. The thing is that we carry out a lot of projects and we still want to do so much that it is difficult to find even a moment to write a few words. But we are already improving it and “reporting” what is going on in SOFTIQ – another contract with the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology was signed at the end of November!

Our new challenge is to build and maintain the PEF Address Book together with the PEF Search Engine and Portal. This is one of the objectives pursued by the Ministry of Regional Development and Technology as part of the “Specialized E-Invoices – Development of the Electronic Invoicing Platform” project, and the truth is that no one knows the platform as well as we do – after all, we were one of those who created it!

The above-mentioned PEF Address Book will allow you to create a database of entities and allow you to search them based on specific criteria, which will definitely facilitate faster finding addressees of documents and eliminating errors when registering or filling in documents. Each user of the Electronic Invoicing Platform will be able to use this functionality.

New projects drive us to action, which we have already mentioned many times, which is why we are even more happy, because the new contract means a great end to the year and at the same time heralds a successful start to the next one. And there is so much more to come!

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