„Szlachetna paczka” – Volunteer action


Anna Makieła-Zoń
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2020 is probably the craziest year in SOFTIQ’s activities. A lot has changed, we all had to adapt to the new reality, find a way for everything to function well.

One thing has not changed – willingness to help. Therefore, as every year, we engaged in the “Szlachetna Paczka” volunteer action with great enthusiasm. If you could see what happened with us! Our messengers are almost crazy! Everyone started to switch around with ideas on how to best organize everything, raced healthily in booking purchases, and gave generous financial support.

Our initial concerns that the current situation might prevent us from completing all the necessary things were dispelled within a few days. New fridge? You’re welcome. Stove? Okay, you just need to find the right one. Food? We are masters and masters of purchases! Or maybe some additional surprise? Sure!

And finally – who will pack it all? Then they appeared – Magda, Ola, Natalia, Damian, Łukasz and Magda. Our “dream team”, which made sure that everything went where it was needed.

So once again we can announce the success of the entire team. It is all the more pleasant because it is embellished with good, willingness to share and commitment to help those who need it. Helping is fun.

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